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First and foremost, research! Before you do any sort of expansion, you’ll need to research both your company’s capacities and the prospective market. Also, you need to understand the demographics of the market to see if you need to make changes to your current business model, training model. One key question you should ask is what constitutes your competitive advantages over your competitors. This would determine what mode of expansion you can have. If you are technologically superior to your opponents, then you would face very few difficulties in terms of expanding your services and you’ll have a lot of freedom in deciding the mode of expansion. You can choose either to naturally extend the coverage of your services or to seek partners. Whereas if you possess a commercial competitive advantage, then you’ll be a bit restricted as your model may not work in the overseas markets. So the next thing to do is to plan. You need to plan for your expansion. What is your goal in the first few years of expansion? What metrics are you using to evaluate if you are successful or failing in this expansion? What can you do if things don’t go according to plans? You’ll need to draft a well-thought and comprehensive plan for your expansion. And then, the final step is execution. You can execute your plan of expansion. All these three steps are crucial for expansion and there are different ways of doing them. If you are confident with your management and marketing divisions, you can probably do them in-house. But there are many companies out there that can help you do some of the stuff listed above if not all.

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