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The lockdown had hit all the businesses pretty hard. But now with the relaxations from the government for businesses to operate again, it is definitely a big relief for all the sellers. They can now sell all products, whether it’s essentials or non-essentials. Here's the list of products that are in high demand and profitable for business right now and will continue to be in the future too .
1. Daily Consumables
The highest demand during and after lockdown is for daily consumables like grocery and other food products. The possibility of getting exposed to the COVID-19 virus through multiple contact points/surfaces in local shops is diverting people to e-commerce. They are relying on e-commerce for their safe and on-time delivery.
Some of the trending daily consumables include:
● Grocery
● Food staples
● Pet food

2. Health and Safety Products
Stepping out without a mask nowadays is highly risky and not a good decision. The COVID-19 virus has compelled everyone to focus on hygiene and health safety, now more than ever. It has become the top priority for people. Health and safety products are, therefore, now in huge demand.
Health & safety products that have seen a spike in demand and will be relevant in the time to come include:
● Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers
● Wipes, Disinfectants
● Infrared thermometers
● Medical equipment
● Ayurveda and Vitamins, Immunity boosters
● Home gym & other fitness equipment

3. Stay at Home Essentials
The phrase ‘new normal’ has been trending recently and a critical part of it is working from home (WFH). But if people have to be at their homes 24*7, it’s only natural that they’re going to need some stay-at-home essentials. Products that can help them work comfortably from home and also enjoy their homestay are trending.
Stay-at-home essentials that are seeing a jump in demand for WFH include:
● Laptop tables
● Office Chairs
● Laptops
● PC accessories
● Chargers
● Headsets

4. Kitchen and Cleaning Essentials
Since the last couple of months, social media has been flooding with food and delicacy posts. As cooks could not come during the lockdown, people who never cooked before started making some delicious recipes. We’re all seeing some talented chefs budding around us. And thanks to that, the sale of kitchen essentials started trending and is seeing a growth of almost 50% .

Some of the kitchen essentials selling more since the lockdown are:
● Cooking Appliances
● Cooking Utensils
● Baking Equipment

With cooking experts, we also have some cleaning experts. People are relating cleaning and home-organizing to mindfulness. The sale of cleaning items like wipes and disinfectants has increased by 30% as people started cleaning by themselves. Many other supplies mentioned below are also in great demand now.

Some of the hygiene & cleaning supplies selling more since the lockdown are:
● Cleaning Chemicals
● Restroom Products
● Personal Hygiene
● Cleaning & Mopping Supplies
● Vacuum Cleaners
● Mopping supplies
● Robotic cleaners

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